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With nearly 100% annual access to the sun Palm Springs and Yucca Valley are some of the best places to have solar panels on your property. Solar Now sells and installs solar electric systems that can provide your home or commercial property with 100% electric usage compensation. The energy you produce with your solar system will work as credit to your Southern California Edison account. Instead of paying in $$$, pay your bill with solar energy! Not connected to an energy grid? We do “Off Grid” solar electric systems as well. This type of system stores energy in its bank of batteries during the day so you are able run power off of that stored energy at night.

Can’t put solar panels on your roof? We built custom car and RV ports that provide shade along with the perfect place for those panels! We can also custom design the structure to act as a patio shade cover for your back yard. Just tell Mark what you need and we’ll take care of it.


For those of you that have a large portion of your utility expense stemming from your water heater, we also offer solar water heating systems. Solar water heating is a great investment as the out of pocket cost is around 70% less than the average household solar electric system.


Solar Now allows you to pay for your solar system with personal checks, cash, or what ever finance option you can get approved for. We are happy to accept a check from banks, lending agencies or HERO/PACE programs. We recommend looking into the HERO program for property assessed financing in Yucca Valley at: https://www.heroprogram.com/

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Yucca Valley residents are able to finance their solar panels with their by annual property tax bills. Your payments would be rolled into your property tax bill, avoiding the upfront installation cost and eliminating concerns that you might sell your property before recovering the money you invested from your SCE bill savings. The result is that you can finance your greening efforts with a minimal level of financial risk.

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